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A dad decided to make use of his car while it was sitting on the driveway during lockdown -- by turning it into a greenhouse.

Ian Hall, 62, is growing three types of tomato plant in the back of his E320 Mercedes -- which he intends to turn into a sauce for pizza.


The retiree, who is also nurturing some bok choi, has pulled the seats down in his motor to make space.

The car provides the perfect environment for growth as it stays warm inside even when it is cold on the outside.

Ian came up with the idea after the temperature plummeted late last month and slugs began to get at the plants in their previous spot.


Realising that his Mercedes was permanently sat in front of his house in Bristol, U.K., he moved the fruit and veg to the boot.

Daughter Astrid said: "He's had six weeks to the gallon on his car so far, in terms of driving it.

"The car is lined with plastic to prevent water damage. It creates the perfect environment as it's warm in the sun even when it's cold outside."

Ian hopes to use the tomatoes to create a sauce for a homemade pizza. He is also currently making the dough.