Back to the Future III DeLorean Appearing at Auction

DARE we say it?

Of course - Great Scott! A Delorean DMC-12 can be yours to own!

Which isn't news in itself - the iconic car stars from the Back to the Future trilogy of films aren't that hard to come by at online auctions.

That's because as cars, they're underperforming turkeys and purely for movie buffs as opposed to collectors of automotive classics.

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But this isn't any DeLorean. It's the DeLorean.

Well, one of three DeLoreans that survived from the original seven used to make the trilogy.

So whereas an original DeLorean made by the DeLorean Motor Company in Belfast in the mid-80s might set you back $50,000, this one is expected to go for between $400,000 and $600,000.

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"This particular car was used in the 1955 drive-in movie scene when Michael J. Fox drives it into the past and lands in 1885 to find Doc," the press release from the auction house states.

"It was built completely for off road use."

The other two are still in the hands of Universal Studios.

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