Caught red hot-handed. (Diana Badmaeva/SWNS)

Amazing photos depict man loading the sun into his SUV

And you thought Gru stealing the moon in “Despicable Me” was impressive.

(Diana Badmaeva/SWNS)

A Russian man has been caught on camera apparently loading the sun into the trunk of his SUV, but he won’t be prosecuted for any crimes.

(Diana Badmaeva/SWNS)

The series of images were taken by his photographer wife, Diana Badmaeva, who aligned him perfectly with the setting sun to make it look like he is carrying the celestial body to the vehicle and stuffing it in.

(Diana Badmaeva/SWNS)

Badmaeva told SWNS she does a lot of sunset photography and a plan to approach the original concept.

"The main thing is to make all the scenes as fast as possible, because the sun sets quickly over the horizon and you only have a few minutes for all this,” she said. “My husband and I talked on the phone so that he would do what I needed.”

(Diana Badmaeva/SWNS)

“It seems I managed to capture the theft of the century! Or, a quick guide on how to steal the sun.”


Of course, if you really want to give it a try, you’ll need a slightly larger vehicle than the one seen only in silhouette. Badmaeva told Fox News Autos that it was a Mitsubishi, which has a cargo capacity of less than two cubic meters while the volume of the sun is 1.4 x 10^27cubic meters, give or take.