If you have a car enthusiast on your holiday gift list, you can pretty much guarantee they already have a T-shirt, so what should you buy them?

Custom parts could be a bad idea, unless you really know what they want, but there are plenty of odd accessories featuring favorite brands that might be unusual enough to give them a smile and avoid being re-gifted.

Here are a few of the silliest selections:

Chevrolet Sassafras Sloth - $27.95

It seems a bit strange that a brand with performance cars like the Corvette and Camaro would want to be associated with a sloth, but Chevrolet sells a version of the Aurora Taddle Toes Sassafras Sloth. 

Ford Ugly Sweater - $69.99

Many automakers are in on the ugly sweater game, but Ford's is very on brand. It features the blue and white color scheme of the company logo, F-150 pickups giving Santa's sleigh a tow and the phrase "oh what fun it is to drive."

Tesla Belt Buckle - $150

Tesla is celebrating its move to Texas with an oversized belt buckle declaring "Don't Mess With…" that would pair perfectly with one of board member Kimbal Musk's signature cowboy hats.


Dodge Hellcat Cornhole Game - $249.95

As a tailgate party favorite, cornhole probably makes more sense with a Ram pickup, but the Dodge Hellcat version is a powerful statement. The regulation wooden set comes with folding legs and eight corn-filled bags.