California town can fine you for using your cell phone while you walk

A southern California city last month announced a law that bans pedestrians from engaging in a phone call or viewing a mobile device while crossing the street.

The City of Montclair will enforce a first fine of $100 and up to $200 for a second offense. Repeat offenders could be fined $500 for every additional offense within the year. The city was reportedly inspired by a similar law in Honolulu.

The only exceptions are 911 calls, first responders and pedestrians with hearing aids.

“For me it’s good, because some people aren’t paying attention, they’re walking, looking at the phone—they don’t pay attention to the cars,” Genevieve Lopez, a resident who lives near a middle school there, said.

The law will start being enforced in August and pedestrians will first receive a warning, The Los Angeles Times reported.