Swingers club in Florida being sued in connection with fatal crash

A popular swingers club in Florida is being sued in connection with a car crash last summer that killed two people.

Trapeze was named as a co-defendant along with Judith Khouri, the driver who allegedly failed to yield at a green light after leaving the club around 3 a.m. March 26, 2017, with married couple, Benyamin Benyamin and Zafirt Benyamin, the Miami Herald reported.

Khouri survived the crash, but the couple were killed.

According to a preliminary report from local police, Khouri smelled of booze. She has not been charged in the crash, the paper reported.

A negligence lawsuit was filed in December on behalf of the Benyamin’s young daughter, according to the paper.

The suit claims Trapeze continued to serve alcohol to Khouri despite showing “signs of intoxication for several hours” before she got into her car with the Beyamins and crashed. Although the club doesn’t provide alcohol, it has bartenders serving liquor brought by guests.

“Any establishment that sells or furnishes alcohol to patrons has a responsibility to the public,” said Sagi Shaked, a lawyer for the Benyamins’ estate, the paper reported.

In response to the complaint, the lawyer for Trapeze wrote it was Benyamin Benyamin who was negligent, adding that he failed to wear his seatbelt, according to the paper.

Trapeze has been in business for 20-plus years and is a hot spot for celebrities.