Tennessee woman wakes up to find snake in her bed

A Cheatham County, Tennessee woman is sharing her scary experience after waking up to find a snake in her bed on Friday.

Christine Humphries says she "knew something was not right" when she woke up from her second floor loft bedroom and felt something moving on her arm. "It felt like skin on skin," Christine says.

At first, she thought it was her cat, but she quickly realized it was a chicken snake. Humphries says at first she froze, raising her head off the pillow. Just like her, Christine says the snake "raised it's head and started coiling into a defensive position."

Christine jumped out of the bed and ran to her daughter's room yelling for help. They called the Cheatham County Sheriff's Office and three deputies responded to her Leatherwood Road home. Christine says at first, the deputies couldn't find the snake in the room. "I told them you're stuck here till you find that thing," Christine says.

One of the deputies moved the bed, finding the snake against the wall where it had retreated. Christine says the deputy (pictured) grabbed it and took it downstairs before ultimately releasing it in the woods.

Christine says she sees snakes on her 12 acre property all the time and they normally don't bother her.

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