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Accused cop-killer curses out judge, says he'll represent himself

Police: Suspect killed officer and ex-girlfriend


The accused cop-killer who led Orlando police on a manhunt for more than a month angrily cursed at a judge during his first court appearance Thursday, swearing that police "made up" accusations against him and beat him up during his arrest.


Markeith Loyd, 41, was charged with murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend in December. Investigators said while on the run from the law, he shot and killed a police officer who tried to stop him outside an Orlando Walmart.

Loyd -- who reportedly had a fractured eye socket -- entered the courtroom with a bandaged head. Guards held onto him as he spoke out.


"They done took my eye. They done broke my nose, broke my jaw," he claimed, saying he crawled from an abandoned home to the road so officers could arrest him Tuesday night.

Police released aerial video of his capture later Thursday. The camera zoomed out as police approached Loyd, but two officers appeared to kick him in the head. Police Chief John Mina said the suspect resisted arrest by refusing to put his hands behind his back.

Loyd said he would represent himself. When Orange County Judge Jeanette Bigney reminded him that what he said was under oath and being recorded, he responded, "I'm not finished talking because y'all been making up s--- the whole time."

Soon afterwards, the judge ordered him held without bond and told the guards to take him away. He replied, "f--- you."

Loyd was thrown in jail Wednesday night after getting medical treatment for his injuries during the arrest. He spent 21 hours in the hospital, Fox 35 reported.

The charges against him included first-degree murder and unlawful killing of an unborn child in the December 13 death of his ex, Sade Dixon.

The manhunt intensified after the shooting death of Lt. Debra Clayton at the Walmart last week. A motorcycle crash during the search killed Orange County Deputy First Class Norman Lewis.

During the manhunt, police arrested three people accused of helping Loyd stay one step ahead of law enforcement. However, the murder suspect claimed they didn't give him any aid. "I have not received nothing from nobody. I was out there by myself. Nobody helped me do anything."

The judge also ordered him to stay away from Dixon's family.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said Wednesday, "We feel some relief knowing he's being brought to justice."

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