Missouri kindergartner forced to sit in her diarrhea

A 6-year-old kindergarten student in Missouri was forced to wrap a trash bag around herself and sit in her own diarrhea, Ozarks-based television station KY3-TV reports.  

The girl is a student at Southwest School in Washburn, Mo.

Lisa Skidmore, the girl’s mother, told the station that nobody attempted to clean up her daughter.

“She still had poop, diarrhea poop, coming out the back, up her front, down her legs,” she said. “They told me that the teacher had asked her to go to the restroom before a testing period.”

Skidmore added that asking a child to go to the bathroom on command, “is next to impossible.”

The girl was forced to sit in the mess for the 15 minutes remaining of the testing period and an additional 20 minutes, as her mother drove to school with a change of clothing, KY3 reported.

Superintendent Bob Walker told the station that district officials “regret what happened” and wishes that the school had handled it differently.  

“You can’t do that to a 6-year-old,” Skidmore told the station.  “You don’t even treat a dog that way.”

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