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Disney tourists waited for 5 hours at the opening of Epcot’s ‘Frozen Ever After'

frozen ever after

 (Walt Disney World)

Good news, parents of young children: we just cleared up five hours in your busy schedule.

That’s the amount of time eager guests were willing to wait to check out the latest addition to Epcot, “Frozen Ever After.”

The ride, based on the animated franchise that made $1.3 billion at the box office and all the rest of the money in the world in merchandise, replaced the former Maelstrom at Epcot’s Norway pavilion.

Like the original ride, "Frozen Ever After" takes riders on a boat ride through immersive scenery. But rather than touring through Norwegian history and folklore, the boats on the new "Frozen" ride take riders to the magical kingdom of Arendelle where they are celebrating a summer snow day.

The ride proved so popular on its opening day today that at one point the wait time reached a mind-boggling 300 minutes, which is nearly enough time to watch the original film three times in a row, which many of you parents out there have most likely done at some point.

Husband and wife duo Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez created new lyrics to the film’s songs for the ride, which also brought back the original film’s voice talent. 

And if you're worried about that line, we would tell you to Let it Go, but odds are good that will be down to something a little more manageable before too long. At least until "Frozen 2"comes out.