Amazon boss Jeff Bezos took some flak last week over his revelation that he's hoping to one day use drones to deliver packages. 

Some questioned whether Amazon could pull off such a feat, and whether the government would even approve it. 

But, perhaps surprisingly, anti-drone warrior Sen. Rand Paul is not among the haters. 

The Republican Kentucky senator, who once filibustered on the Senate floor for 13 hours to draw attention to his concerns with the expansion of armed drones, told "Fox News Sunday" he's more concerned about the government using drones -- not so much about air-lifted books and DVD players. 

"I'm not against technology. So, I'm not one of these people who says, 'Oh, unmanned airplanes is really a bad thing,'" he said. 

Paul said the Amazon idea, if executed, will create "air traffic control issues," but said his beef is "not with the delivering of packages." 

"I'm worried about the government looking into our backyard. I'm also worried about private companies looking and counting and looking in our windows," he said. "And I have said previously, and this has nothing to do with Amazon, but that a rules on peeping toms will have to be applied to higher technology. There has to be a certain extension of your privacy."