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Hillary Clinton plays the ‘crazy’ card, saying Donald Trump has “gone off the reservation”. Thoughts?


Violence at anti-Trump protests continue for the 2nd day at his California rallies.


Will Ferrell backs out of satirical film of Reagan’s fight with Alzheimer’s.


Today's Rundown

1st hr

  • Obama pushes for 'smart gun' mandate despite concerns

    How do these guns work? Kurt the 'CyberGuy' found out

  • Plus, a new Tenn. law allows therapists to deny service based on beliefs

2nd hr

  • We're joined by Herman Cain

  • And, should people without children get 'me-ternity' leave?

3rd hr

  • Clayton's gift guide: Great gadgets for mom

  • Also, a day to honor John Wayne was blocked over political correctness

    Author of the resolution explains

4th hr

  • Democratic strategist says Trump will beat Hillary

  • Military parents sit down for tea with their daughters

  • Plus, latest developments in the NFL draft


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