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Josh Shaw, USC football star, suspended after admitting heroic story a lie

University of Southern California football star Josh Shaw has been indefinitely suspended after admitting he made up a story that he injured both ankles jumping off a balcony to save his nephew from drowning.

The USC Athletic Department said in a statement Wednesday that Shaw had approached athletic department officials and admitted the story was a lie. The university did not give an explanation for why Shaw lied or how he was actually injured.

"We are extremely disappointed in Josh," head coach Steve Sarkisian said.  "He let us all down.  As I have said, nothing in his background led us to doubt him when he told us of his injuries, nor did anything after our initial vetting of his story."

Shaw said in a statement released by his attorney Wednesday that he injured himself in a fall.

"I made up a story about this fall that was untrue," he said. "I was wrong to not tell the truth. I apologize to USC for this action on my part."

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