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Spain considering laws that would force children to do household chores (and make not being polite illegal)

Parents take note: Spain is cracking down on its sulky teenagers.
And not before time, some argue.
Under a draft bill approved in the Spanish Parliament, under 18s will be legally obliged to do chores and be 'respectful'.

If it is passed, children in the country will have to help out with the housework 'in accordance with their age and regardless of their gender'.
They will also have to 'participate in family life' and respect 'their parents and siblings', Spain's ABC newspaper reported.
The Child Protection Bill children would also have to 'respect school rules' and 'study as required'.

More generally these children 'will have to maintain a positive attitude about learning'.
At the same time, will also have to 'respect their teachers and other staff at education teachers', as well as their fellow students. 
The draft law doesn't set out penalties for children who fail to fulfill these requirements, but marks a new shift in the legislation with its focus on the responsibilities of children.

Other key elements of the proposed bill include the establishment of a list of known paedophiles who could be banned from working with children.
Schools and companies hiring staff to work with children will have to ask applicants to provide a copy of their criminal record.
The legislation would also require people working with children to report possible crimes against children and failure to do so will be considered a crime of omission.

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