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'Crash Course' by Michael D. Pratt Ph.D.

From the publisher: Michael Pratt is a distinguished educator who served for 10 years as Head of the prestigious Brentwood School in Los Angeles. In his very first semester at the school he came face to face with one of the most pressing issues affecting education today – adolescent alcohol and drug use. Only in this case the student using and abusing drugs was Pratt’s son, David. Until that moment he had no idea his son was an addict.

In "Crash Course" Pratt describes David’s struggle with addiction, its impact on their family, and the numerous setbacks his son experienced on the road to recovery. It's a common enough story except this was a journey both personal and professional. In addition to the private crisis any parent goes through when finding out his or her child is experimenting with drugs and faces school discipline, the situation represented an enormous professional challenge for Pratt. He was responsible for protecting the integrity of the school while simultaneously supporting his son.