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'30 Ways in 30 Days to Strengthen Your Family' by Rebecca Hagelin

From the publisher: Every Christian parent faces a daily dilemma: How can I bring up my children to be people of character in a culture that undermines my values?

Media and cultural expert Rebecca Hagelin knows how overwhelming it is to raise kids in today’s morally toxic environment. In this practical guidebook, she helps you:Learn how to battle the culture, not your childKnow the difference between your principles and your preferencesUnderstand how marketers target your children and how to keep them safe onlineDevelop and follow your “mother’s intuition” and “father-knows-best” instinctsTeach your children to be good stewards of money, time, and workYou must fight to protect your children’s innocence, their childhood, their character—and their future. It’s a battle worth fighting. And it’s a battle you can win.