Water Slide In 'Mayan Temple' Sends Swimmers Into Shark-Infested Waters



What happens when Indiana Jones meets Water World?

How about a 60-foot long water slide inside a Mayan temple that plummets into a tube surrounded by 14-foot-long nurse sharks and Caribbean Reef sharks?

Located at the Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas, the Leap of Faith sends vacationers down the chute at speeds up to 35 miles per hour into the watery depths of 141-acre Aquaventure Water Park. Besides the Leap of Faith, visitors can test their nerve at the park containing seven million gallons of water, a mile-long river ride and a choice of 12 pools.

“The Leap of Faith was built to provide guests with the ultimate experience,” Acquaventure’s Vice President of Marine Operations, Mark Gsellman told the Daily Mail. “No other slide compares to the exhilarating sensation and rush of adrenaline you're left with after going down the Leap of Faith.”

Along with the Leap of Faith, the park also features a 131-foot tall Power Tower, a 7-acre snorkeling lagoon and miles of white sand beaches in the Bahamas. But the life-size replica of a Mayan Temple has become a fan favorite for its stunning looks and terrifying drop into mysterious ending.

“The feeling of being dropped at a near perpendicular angle and flying past sharks is something you can't find anywhere else,” Gsellman said. “The slide is called the Leap of Faith because the bottom of the slide is covered with a mist and cannot be seen, hence to drop down it requires a true leap of faith.”

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