How to Make a Cinco de Mayo Feast in Less Than 30 Minutes

Unlike, say, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo isn't a very demanding holiday. 

While some people wrongly believe it marks Mexican Independence Day, the May 5 date actually commemorates only a single battle, the Battle of Puebla fought on May 5, 1865, in which vastly outnumbered Mexican forces defeated an invading French army. 

Fittingly, then, the resulting holiday calls for little more than good food, good drink and good company--with this last being the real key. The last thing you want to be doing this Thursday is slaving over a hot stove or making super-complicated drinks. Keep it simple. 

With that end in mind, Fox News Latino asked New York City-based Miguel Morales, a Season One finalist on Bravo's "Top Chef," to give us a few tips on how to give a twist to some Cinco de Mayo basics.

Below, his takes: A spicy guacamole, sizzling beef tacos and a mint-pineapple margarita, none of which take more than a few minutes to make.

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Spicy Guacamole


Pineapple-Mint Margarita


Beef Tacos

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