Cold brew coffee: How to make the perfect cup

Forget the bone-chilling air of winter — the only chill you need is in your drink. 

Spring is finally here, and your beverage should reflect the extra pep in your step that comes with it. That’s why Fox News consulted an expert on crafting the perfect cold brew coffee to enjoy on a warm spring morning.


Richard Nieto is the owner of Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters in New York City, and he usually makes 50 gallons of cold brew at a time for his cafes.

“I’m sure you don’t want to do that," said Nieto, "so I’m going to teach you how to make the perfect cold brew at home.”

cold brew 2

Richard Nieto brews 50 gallons of cold brew at a time. “I’m sure you don’t want to do that," Nieto tells Fox News, "so I’m going to teach you how to make the perfect cold brew at home.”

Nieto first suggests you start out with freshly roasted whole beans. “Your roaster should be giving you a roast date on your coffee bag, so make sure you look for one of those.” He also revealed a rookie mistake of either making the grind too fine or too coarse.  

“I would start with halfway between the middle setting on your grinder and the coarsest setting,” Nieto said. “If you find your coffee is sour, then grind finer. If you find it’s a little bit bitter, then grind coarser.”

The Sweetleaf owner continued by taking Fox News through the step-by-step process, revealing the ideal ratio of water to coffee (11 grams of water per 1 grind).

cold brew 1

If you don't start with freshly roasted beans, you're off to a bad start, says Nieto.

Once the math is figured out, however, the process becomes more straightforward.


Watch Nieto brew up his cold brew coffee in the video above, then continue reading for instructions for making the perfect cup:   

  1. Start with freshly roasted coffee beans
  2. Measure out a ratio of 11 parts water to 1 part grinds
  3. Place coffee inside cold brew bag
  4. Pour cold water inside bag
  5. Wait 10 minutes, then stir with a spoon
  6. Close the bag, then place on decanter
  7. Wait about 18 hours
  8. Release the stopper and enjoy your coffee