Martha Stewart's 'smoking hot' throwback sets Instagram abuzz

Martha Stewart was reliving her glory days when she posted a steamy "Throwback Thursday" picture of herself donning a black strapless dress, sheer tights and high heels.

The TV personality reminisced on the social media platform Thursday with a caption that read, "My assistant found this great photo of me in my library at turkey hill Wish it was taken last month."

Photographer Henry Wolf was credited with taking the photo, which garnered nearly 40,000 likes, featuring Stewart with her legs outstretched posing in a vintage ottoman chair in front of a bookcase.

Fans were quick to offer their praise and admiration of the picture.

"Smoking hot!" one Instagram user replied.

"You will always be a fox," another assured the star.

"Oh my goodness! Please post more and more forever," one user begged.

The 76-year-old told the TODAY Show Friday that the picture was taken during a "boring photo shoot" most likely during the '80s.

"That's what I look like when I go out," Stewart joked.

Stewart mentioned that the photo was taken in Turkey Hill, which she describes on her website as "a beautiful farmhouse" in Westport, Connecticut, which she bought in 1971.

"The house, on a tract of land that stretched south toward Long Island Sound and had once been an onion farm, came with two acres of deep, loamy soil, a few large trees, and not much else," Stewart explained.

Stewart's throwback may have caught a few people off guard, but avid fans weren't surprised to see the star's bashful pose.

"Must have been in her modeling days. Gorgeous!" one user pointed out.

"YES MARTHA YESSSS! I see that arched left foot. #timelessmodel," another added.

Before Stewart became a multi-million-dollar TV personality, she tried a career in modeling. The star used money from gigs to pay her college tuition, InStyle Magazine reported.

"It was quite awhile ago and it was really fun,” Stewart told a fan who asked her about her modeling days in Paris. “We worked really, really hard. We did photography during the daytime and maybe a show and then at night when the couture dresses were available for photography we then worked all night modeling the couture. So it was really a busy time, but lots of time for parties, too."