Sandra Bullock cried after meeting 'Black Panther' cast, describes the film's impact on her kids

Sandra Bullock has admitted that she loves the mega-hit film "Black Panther" so much, she cried when she met the A-list Marvel movie cast. 

While on the red carpet at the 90th Annual Academy Awards, the Oscar-winning actress gushed about the film during an interview with Access Hollywood and explained how the movie moved her as a mother.

“I started to cry backstage when I was telling [the 'Black Panther' cast not only] how much the film meant to me as a woman, but how much it meant to me as a mother,” she said. 

Bullock, who is mother to her two adoptive children, Louis and Lalia, went on to explain that African American leads in films such as "Panther" have helped to impact her children's lives in the smallest, but most pivotal ways. 

“I’m so grateful to Marvel because about five years ago, my son asked me if there were any brown Legos,” the actress said. “And I said, ‘Yes, there are,’ and I got a Sharpie and I turned Spider-Man brown, I turned the Legos brown, and I don’t have to turn them brown anymore.”

“That says a lot about where we are in this world, and in the world of superheroes," the star added. 

And while Bullock's kids are fans of the "Black Panther" comic character and know of the film, the actress admitted that they are still too young to see the film's more intense fight scenes.  

"It's a little - the stabbing I was afraid - but I think [Louis] is OK. My daughter - heck no. She'll stab my son after she sees it. But I think Lou is about in another year because it won't scare him anymore," Bullock explained. "But I bought my daughter all the swag, she runs around in the Black Panther mask, which is scary when she comes out of the dark."

The "Blind Side" actress said she not only hopes for her kids to see the film next year, but also hopes to see film's cast on next year's Oscar's red carpet. 

"['Blank Panther'] will be here next year," Bullock stated. "There is no doubt in my mind."

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