Kim Kardashian to fans: 'Please help' me with my Instagram problems

Kim Kardashian dominates on social media, boasting over 102 million followers on Instagram alone, but that doesn’t mean she doesn't have fears of losing her foothold on the money photo-sharing app.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star asked her fans to weigh on what she can do to boost her Instagram page.

She posted a sexy snapshot with the caption, “I need more consistency on my insta feed. Should I go back to all one filter? Please help. I really need to step my insta page up.”

One user suggested, “Do colour themes, and go for the filter based on the colours in the picture for example if ur theme is red use warmer filters and for white themes use cool filters etc.”


While other pleaded, “No no please not that vintage ish filter.”

And other recommended, “Yes, it looks so pretty when your whole feed feels 'in sync'...however I personally think it's prettiest when you do you, bc that's when your confidence shines through...and well we know there's no stopping you!!”

However, some fans mocked the question, saying it fell under the category of “first world problems.” One commented, “Really Kim?”

Well, Kardashian could be nervous with her little sister, Kylie Jenner, slowing inching toward her Instagram queen crown. The 19-year-old makeup maven has garnered over 96 million followers. 

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