Trump bans transgender military members; celebrities react

President Trump on Wednesday issued a ban on transgender people serving in the military and now Hollywood is chiming in on the news.

POTUS announced the ban in a series of tweets, which sent the social media world into a firestorm.

George Takei, Andy Cohen, Sandra Bernhard and Mia Farrow are among the celebrities lashing out at the president.

Takei wrote, "Trump is banning all transgenders from the military. To those who believed Trump would be a friend to LGBTs, time to admit you were conned."

Farrow encouraged those who disagree with the ban to call their local congresspersons or senators. 

"Feel strongly abt heath care? Transgender rights? Let your Senators & Congresspersons know - 202-225-3121 switchboard will connect you."

Andy Cohen chimed in, "Are you TRYING to be an a--hole?"

Seth Rogen lashed out at Ivanka Trump for once writing she stood with the LGBTQ community.

James Corden teased Ivanka that she should give her dad a call.

""Hey Ivanka, James here. Hope all is good, quick question, can you... Erm... Call your dad and have a talk. X"

Trump’s ban would stop any transgender person from working with the military in any capacity.

GLAAD issued a statement regarding Trump's transgender military ban to Fox News.

"President Trump today issued a direct attack on transgender Americans, and his administration will stop at nothing to implement its anti-LGBTQ ideology within our government – even if it means denying some of our bravest Americans the right to serve and protect our nation,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD. “Today further exposed President Trump’s overall goal to erase LGBTQ Americans from this nation. Trump has never been a friend to LGBTQ Americans, and this action couldn’t make that any more clear.”

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