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Lindsay Lohan is a no-show at Christmas tree lighting

Fox 411: Cops bust her door down after Lindsay wakes up half the neighborhood


Lindsay Lohan has apologized to an English town for failing to keep a date to switch on its Christmas lights.

The actress posted a video on Twitter saying she couldn’t attend Thursday’s event in Kettering because of “my busy schedule.”

Lohan’s link to the town 80 miles north of London began June 23, the night of Britain’s European Union membership referendum. In a series of tweets about the vote across Britain, she posted: “Sorry but Kettering where are you?”

The incident prompted local lawmaker Philip Hollobone to invite Lohan to switch on Kettering’s festive lights.

Kettering Borough Council chief David Cook said local authorities “appreciate how hard she and her team tried to make this work and we were delighted to get a video message wishing us well.”

This article originally appeared in the New York Post's Page Six.