Chris Soules on dating a vegetarian: I'd try to 'throw a little pork in her diet'

In the Zone: Chris Soules is done picking a wife, has moved on to picking America's Best Pig Farmer


Farmer Chris Soules won the hearts of many ladies starring on “The Bachelor,” but now after “Dancing with the Stars” and cooking with “Worst Chefs in America,” he is returning to his roots as the judge for America’s Pig Farmer of the Year. The Iowa native talked to FOX411 about his current relationship status, his feelings about being famous, and pigs.

FOX411: Are you dating anyone right now?

Chris Soules: It’s non-existent. That’s a good way to put it...I’m focusing on doing what I love after going through what I went through. It wasn’t long ago that I was engaged. After you do that and have a really serious relationship but for me I think it’s best for me to focus on doing what I love which is kind of why I’m here, we're here with the National Pork Board, presenting the America's Pig Farmer of the Year to Keith Schoettmer...So, that’s some of the things I’m doing sort of in lieu of dating. I’m trying to focus on my career in agriculture.

FOX411: On “The Bachelor” you were focused on finding a woman who would live a small town quiet life. But now you’re on more reality shows and seem to be following the spotlight. Some blogs say you are chasing fame?

Soules: Not at all...if anyone has the opportunity to go on “Dancing with the Stars” you should do it. It’s the coolest thing anybody in this world could have the opportunity to do and that’s the way I looked at it. It wasn’t for fame. It's like, hey I get to go dance in LA for two months and get to experience something I’ve never done before in my entire life, that’s a pretty cool opportunity and I should do that. You only live once in life so that was just fun. The fame thing I would take it or leave it. My goal is to farm and when things begin to fade and people don’t want to see me on TV anymore, I’m fine with that but I’m embracing and the opportunities that come along. I've looked at it since kind of coming off  of “Dancing with the Stars” it's like what should I do with this? One of the things is with the fame that has come with all that is help be a spokesman for agriculture and that’s really something I’m passionate about and want to do going forward. I can’t guarantee that I won’t be on some other show. I have no idea. 

FOX411: Did you really go on the show to find a wife or to have an interesting life experience?

Soules: It was both for me. My sister actually signed me up and I got a phone call one day from “The Bachelor” I didn’t know it was them and I didn’t take the call. My sister sent me a text and she said, “You need to answer your phone. ‘The Bachelor’ is trying to get a hold of you'...Long story short I end up doing all of this I and never really thought that would be something I would have the opportunity to do, for one, but when I looked at the opportunity I'm like, “Ok, I’m 32, at the time I was 32, I live in the middle of nowhere. I work a lot. I’m a professional in the [agriculture] business, in farming, and it’s really hard to meet people. So, it fit me. It fit my personality and where my career was at in a lot of ways. And you don’t meet women like I’ve met on the show in northeast Iowa, you just don’t....I truly did want to meet someone special especially on “The Bachelor” that was my number one goal to try to meet someone and find love.

FOX411: While you’re juggling a lot, you are part of the National Pork Board’s “America’s Pig Farmer of the Year.” Tell us about that.

Soules: I’m a judge for America’s Pig Farmer of the Year and basically we were looking for somebody who represented the pig farming industry and somebody who does a great job caring for their pigs in a sustainable, safe, reliable way that can be a face for pig farming. As farmers we do need spokesmen to help represent us. 

FOX411: Would you date a vegetarian?

Soules: You know, I just had that conversation with somebody. I would not rule it out. It would be a hurdle. It would definitely be a hurdle that we would have to talk through but I'd hope she’s open-minded maybe I could convince her to throw a little pork in her diet every once and a while.