Source: Celebrity skin guru murder-for-hire arrest 'fishy'

Last week, celebrity skin guru Dawn DaLuise posted on her private Facebook page photos of cops taking down a strange man in a store.

"I was at a thrift store in Van Nuys and a guy in the store was acting crazy and bleeding! It was creepy," DaLuise wrote. "The store owner called the fire department and they couldn't control this guy. At one point, five firemen had wrestled him to the ground and he was still combative. That's when 4 cop cars showed up and they finally wrestled into a squad car."

Two days later, it was DaLuise being driven away in a squad car after being arrested on suspicion of hiring a former Detroit Lions player to murder a competitor who had moved into the same West Hollywood complex where she operated her Skin Refinery salon.

DaLuise was initially under investigation for alleged cyber stalking, but according to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, the investigation developed into something even more serious.

The bubbly Florida native is being held on a $1 million bail behind bars, and according to sources, is right now an "an absolute whimpering mess."

DaLuise, 59, is well-known in Hollywood, having attended to the skin needs of stars including Nicki Minaj, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Alicia Silverstone. DaLuise is also known as being particularly eccentric, but many still find it hard to believe she would have been serious about taking out a competitor.

"There is more to this story than what is being reported. The facts are being misconstrued by much of the media," a source closely connected to DaLuise told FOX411. "Dawn thought (the) competitor was stalking her, but it seems it wasn't him, but it was made to look like him, and she was freaked out."

The source said DaLuise something about the whole scenario seemed "fishy," and that DaLuise may have "let her guard down" around people she trusted, and that her words and intentions could have been taken out of context.

"Dawn was eccentric, but this is hard to believe," continued the insider. "We don't know how serious this whole murder plot really was, how far it really went, and if any money had been exchanged... It's all very sensational at this point."

Daluise is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

A representative for DaLuise could not be reached for comment.

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