'The Hangover' Studio Spins Box Office Success Into Financing Deal

US movie production company Legendary Pictures was set to finalize a $700 million financing deal, the Financial Times reported Monday.

Legendary, the company behind blockbusters such as "The Hangover," "The Dark Knight" and "Inception," was expected to use the funds to refinance its senior debt and produce new films, according to the report.

The financing deal includes a $500 million revolving credit facility and a $200 million loan, the FT reported, citing sources.

The Burbank, Calif.-based company's latest movie, "The Hangover Part II," broke the record for the biggest five-day opening weekend for an R-rated film -- taking home $137.4 million in its first week -- and scored the best opening of all time for a comedy at the US domestic box office, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It was hoped that the deal would mark the start of a return of investor interest in the movie industry, which suffered during the global financial crisis.