Car crushed by falling boulder in shocking video

Have you ever made a joke about a “Beware of Falling Rock” sign you drove by? Prepare to be scared straight.

Dashcam footage captured the moment a car in Sichuan, China, was hit by a giant boulder that was loosened from a cliff by heavy rains.

The video shot from a vehicle following a Volkswagen sedan shows the rock crushing the car’s roof from front to back as it drives along a mountain road at the edge of a cliff with four passengers inside.

According to Asia Wire, everyone managed to get out of the car and they were all taken to the hospital by emergency responders, where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Pic shows: The crushed car;

This dramatic dashcam footage shows the moment a small Volkswagen saloon carrying four people is struck by a giant boulder rolling off a cliff.

The occupants of the VW travelling on the winding mountain road in Fengtou village in Lushan county in south-western China’s Sichuan province survived the accident and managed to climb out of the mangled metal wreckage.

Video circulating on social media shows the silver VW stopping dead in its tracks after the huge boulder tumbles off the cliff and lands right on its roof, while images showed the state of the totalled car.

The dashcam owner driving behind the victims helped call the police after the incident, with local police and the fire service arriving to seal off the dangerous road section and treat the victims.

All four people from the car were taken to the Lushan County People’s Hospital for treatment. They were not in any life-threatening condition, police said.

The boulder, which shattered on impact and left debris scattered along the road, was brought down by recent poor weather including heavy rains, reports said.

All four passengers got out of the car alive and without serious injury.  (Asia Wire)

The boulder didn’t fare as well, as it shattered into tiny pieces as it fully compressed the VW’s suspension and smashed its front and rear windows.

The wet weather has continued in the area, which is in the middle of its rainy season, since the July 11 incident.


Gary Gastelu is's Automotive Editor.