Orange County Choppers: Building the American Dream by hand

Lead designer Jason Pohl has been working for Orange County Choppers for the past 13 years — and his job has evolved with technology and the rapidly changing economy.

Pohl is not only designing motorcycles, he is also a machinist who builds custom parts that go into the bikes.

“I think it’s just like anyone these days, you can’t just do one job and get by," Pohl said. "I think in order to survive in any company in America, you have to really hustle and do a lot of different jobs.”

A surprising fact about Pohl’s work? It involves a lot of math! Pohl told Fox News he originally went to art school to avoid the subject, but now he has to dig deep into numbers on a daily basis.

Pohl now understands that math is a means to a really cool end (like the dragon bike in the video above that he designed).

"Eventually the math caught back up to me," he said. "But now that I’m doing all the CNC programming, you kind of have to go crazy to do all the cool stuff.”