Woman wakes from coma and says her fall off cruise ship was not a suicide attempt

The survivor of what investigators say was a suicide leap off a cruise ship in Norway awoke from a long coma to say she may have been pushed.

Laura Stuardo, a 53-year-old banker from Italy, miraculously survived the July 19 fall of 115 feet. She told police she fell after an argument with her boyfriend in their cabin on the Costa Fortuna luxury cruise ship, The Washington Post reported Friday, citing the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

“I don’t remember if he pushed me, but I certainly didn’t want to commit suicide,” she told La Stampa, according to the Post. “It was an extremely long drop. I screamed, then there was an impact with the water. I don’t remember anything else.”

The boyfriend Giovannia Pia, told Norwegian police he tried to stop Stuardo from leaping to her death.

Stuardo suffered severe injuries in the fall, the Post said . Italian police are now conducting an attempted murder investigation. Police have not identified Pia, a salesman, as a suspect.

Stuardo told La Stampa her relationship with her 55-year-old boyfriend had turned violent when he came home one night drunk after cracking up his car, the Post said.

The couple booked the Norwegian cruise in an attempt to patch things up, La Stampa reported, according to the Post.

The Italian daily also reported that Stuardo has refused to let Pia visit her in the hospital, according to the Post.