Wilders: Merkel has blood on her hands after Berlin

While German police continue to hunt the person responsible for Monday’s deadly Berlin market attack, Dutch politician Geert Wilders on Tuesday tweeted a provocative, bloody image of the person he blamed for the carnage: German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Wilders, the anti-Islamic Freedom Party leader who on Monday was named Dutch Politician of the Year, tweeted a photo-shopped picture of Merkel splattered with blood. In a previous tweet, Wilders blamed “cowardly Government leaders” for instituting “open borders” that had allowed a “tsunami” of Islamic terror to enter Europe.

“They hate and kill us. And nobody protects us. Our leaders betray us. We need a political revolution. And defend our people. #BerlinAttack,” Wilders tweeted early Tuesday.

Merkel was named Time magazine’s 2015 Person of the Year, largely due to her acceptance of nearly a million mostly Muslim asylum seekers. But even though Merkel eventually shut off that spigot of Syrian refugees, terror attacks – both planned and executed – and sexual assaults in Germany have been traced back to the migrants.

Authorities have not released a description of the suspected driver of the truck that ploughed into a Berlin crowd on Monday, killing at least 12 and wounding 50, but officials have said they’re treating the incident as an act of terrorism.

Merkel has said she is “shocked, shaken and deeply saddened” by the attack and told reporters it would be “particularly sickening” if the perpetrator was an asylum-seeker.

The Berlin attack could stall any momentum Merkel may have had as she looks to win a fourth term as chancellor. A nationalist party leader already proclaimed the 12 killed in the attack as “Merkel’s dead.”

Wilders, 53, began his political career in 1997 and has attracted attention – and controversy – due to a series of statements and actions concerning Islam. That included the production of his 2008 film, Fitna, which linked verses in the Koran to acts of Islamic terror.

Earlier this month, Wilder was found guilty of discrimination but acquitted of hate speech over comments he made during a 2014 rally.