There's a fight brewing in the Highlands of Scotland.

A new plan to ban pint glasses at pubs and force patrons to use plastic cups instead has bar patrons and owners outraged, calling the act a "nanny-state" plan.

"It is as if we cannot trust the adult of the species with glass. We give plastic to children and it should stop there," pub owner Kit Fraser told the Telegraph. "This is the nanny state at its worst and is putting out all the wrong signals."

The ban is already in place at nightclubs in the Highlands, where even the finest malt whiskies must be served out of plastic containers after 9 p.m. over fear of potential injury from glassware.

"The biggest complaint I get from customers is about having to drink from plastic containers," pub owner Don Lawson told the Telegraph. "You have to serve bottles of wine or champagne in a plastic glass. It's not good for the image of the Highlands."

The Highlands are a historic, mountainous region of Scotland, famous for Scotch Whisky distilleries.

"The Highlands have seen an incredible revival in microbreweries, producing some truly distinctive and wonderful beers, and it goes without saying that Scotland's whiskies are world-renowned," said one pub patron. "It's insulting to suggest they could be enjoyed out of plastic."

The Highland Licensing Board is hearing public responses on the matter until July 31. The final policy could be adopted by the end of the year, the Telegraph reports.

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