Watch: Cute video of Venezuelan girl complaining to President Maduro goes viral

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A little Venezuelan girl has taken the internet by storm with an adorable message to President Nicolás Maduro complaining about how the widespread shortages of basic goods have affected her.

"I'm tired of the situation," she says in Spanish. "I don't have water. I don't have food. I don't have medicine."

"And lastly, I don't have shampoo," she adds, taking off a wool cap that was containing a wild mane of hair.

Venezuela's economy is teetering on the edge of collapse with widespread food shortages and inflation forecast to surpass 700 percent this year.

In a recent survey, the Industrial Chamber of Venezuela, or Conindustria, revealed that 70 percent of its members said their production has dropped significantly since last year.

Since 1996, three years before the ruling socialist PSUV took power in 1999, 8,000 companies have shuttered, according to Conindustria. That’s a two-thirds decrease.

To make things worse, the government recently announced it will cut imports by 46 percent because of the shortage of dollars the country is facing.

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