War of words: Ex-president of Uruguay says Venezuela's Maduro is 'crazy as a goat'

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Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica says that embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is "crazy as a goat."

Mujica, a leftist who governed from 2010-2015, made the comment Wednesday during a press conference when asked about a dispute between Maduro and the head of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro. Almagro has called Maduro "a traitor," while Venezuela's socialist president has accused Almagro of being a CIA agent.

Mujica said he has "great respect" for Maduro but that doesn't stop him from voicing his opinion. He said he has distanced himself from Almagro because of his stance on Venezuela. Almagro was Uruguay's foreign minister during Mujica's presidency.

Venezuela is facing a severe economic crisis, with the world's highest inflation and shortages. Polls indicate most Venezuelans want Maduro out of office.

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