US condemns Iran for violating arms embargo on Yemen, says it 'poses serious risks' to peace in the region

The United States issued a joint statement with the other members of the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday condemning the rogue nation for violating an arms embargo on Yemen that presented “serious risks to peace and stability in the region.”

France, Germany, and the United Kingdom released a statement with the U.S. condemning Iran for its “non-compliance” after a panel of U.N. experts found that it failed to “prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer of Iranian arms and related materiel, including ‘extended-range’ short-range ballistic missiles, military equipment and unmanned aerial vehicle technology that can be considered military equipment, to the then Houthi/Saleh alliance in Yemen.”

The four countries called on Iran to halt all activities immediately that would violate or are “inconsistent with” the 2015 council resolution authorizing the arms embargo.

“It is crucial that Iran does not carry out any action that is inconsistent with or would violate Security Council resolutions, and thereby risk destabilizing the security of the region and increasing the threat of broader conflict,” the statement read.

The public condemnation by the Western powers comes just after intelligence sources confirmed that Iran has built what seems to be another permanent military base outside of Syria’s capital city, despite the U.S.’ calls for Iran to cut off its support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin, Lucas Tomlinson and the Associated Press contributed to this report.