Uruguayan general appeals 28-year sentence in 1974 murder of imprisoned communist

A judge in Uruguay has sentenced an aging general to 28 years in prison for aggravated murder in the torture death of a jailed communist in 1974. But the general's lawyer has appealed, telling The Associated Press that Gen. Miguel Dalmao is unfairly blamed for crimes of the 1970s dictatorships.

Attorney Miguel Langon told the AP in Buenos Aires on Thursday that he still believes what Uruguay's military said 40 years ago: That Nibia Sabalsagaray committed suicide hours after she was detained by hanging herself with a handkerchief on a hook in the jail cell wall.

Judge Dolores Sanchez cited evidence of torture and witness testimony as she convicted Dalmao Wednesday. The general was a 23-year-old lieutenant in 1974. Now he's in his 60s and hospitalized with a heart infection.