Under pressure of UN mediator, Libyan factions return to talks in hopes of forming unity gov't

Envoys from Libya's rival factions are arriving in Geneva for talks aimed at forming a unity government in the chaotic north African country.

The talks come as part of a blitz of diplomatic activity under mediation of the U.N. special envoy for Libya, Bernardino Leon.

Libya is currently divided between a government in Tripoli and the internationally recognized government in Tobruk to the east. Leon wants a deal in coming weeks, before the mandate of the House of Representatives in Tobruk expires Oct. 20.

The country's crisis since the ouster of Moammar Gadhafi in 2011 has involved tribal warfare, a rising Islamic State presence, and general lawlessness that has led tens of thousands of migrants from across Africa to use Libya as a springboard across the Mediterranean to Europe.