UN Envoy to Libya says he has met with members of Libya's warring parties as he pursues talks

The U.N.'s special envoy to Libya says he has met with stakeholders in Libya's ongoing violence, including powerful General Khalifa Hifter, in a bid to end the fighting and convene a national dialogue session.

Bernardino Leon is proposing a temporary freeze in hostilities in order to "create a conducive environment" for the talks; he said Friday in a statement that he had met with Hifter as well as with commanders of the Islamist-allied militias who control the capital, Tripoli.

Hifter responded positively, while the miltia commanders "will consider the proposal," Leon said.

Hifter has joined forces with the elected internationally recognized government. That government has been forced to convene in the eastern city of Tobruk due to the militia takeover of Tripoli.