Ukraine's former prime minister, in exile in Moscow, has announced the creation of a 'Ukraine salvation committee' and pushed for early presidential and parliamentary elections.

Mykola Azarov fled Ukraine after ex-president Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in February 2014 following months of protests. He said Monday that the committee aims to "take responsibility for the situation in the country."

The committee will not include Yanukovych. Azarov has criticized Yanukovych for losing control over the country, and Azarov ally Igor Markov said the ex-president should be prosecuted for it.

Azarov said the committee will back ex-lawmaker Vladimir Oleinik as a presidential candidate if early elections are held.

There was no immediate comment from Ukrainian officials.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the Kremlin had nothing to do with Azarov's move.