A city council member in a small seaside town in the UK has raised some eyebrows after expressing his beliefs in extra-terrestrial life in a recent TV documentary.

Simon Parkes claims he has had experiences with aliens since birth, and his "real mother" is a 9-foot green alien with eight fingers, the Northern Echo reports. His first memory is being lifted out of his cot by an alien.

The married father of three also claims he has sexual relations with an alien he refers to as the Cat Queen, and that he fathered a child with her.

"What will happen is that we will hold hands and I will say 'I'm ready' and then the technology I don't understand will take us up to a craft orbiting the Earth," Parkes said.

Parkes, 58, says he meets with the Cat Queen four times a year.

"My wife found out about it and was very unhappy, clearly," Parkes said. "That caused a few problems, but it is not on a human level, so I don't see it as wrong."

When he's not representing the residents of Whitby, Parkes spends his days drawing out his extra-terrestrial experiences to help him come to terms with them, the Northern Echo reports.

"There are plenty of people in my position who don't choose to come out and say it because they are terrified it will destroy their careers," Parkes said.

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