Ugandan general who questioned Museveni's alleged succession plan faces arrest; aides jailed

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A Ugandan military spokesman says a general who asked questions about President Yoweri Museveni's purported succession plan is now under investigation and will face charges for breaching the official code of conduct.

Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda, the Ugandan army spokesman, said Monday that four of Gen. David Sejusa's aides are now in police custody. The military has deployed at Uganda's Entebbe International Airport in anticipation of Sejusa's return from a trip to London.

Joseph Luzige, a lawyer for Sejusa, said his client faces arrest upon arrival and has told the general to "prepare for anything."

Sejusa recently wrote a letter to the internal security service calling for an investigation into allegations that those opposed to Museveni's son succeeding him as president could be assassinated.