Uganda: Remains of top rebel commander believed discovered in Central African Republic

A Ugandan army spokesman says Ugandan troops in Central African Republic have found the remains believed to be those of a top Lord's Resistance Army commander who had been presumed dead.

Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda said Ugandan authorities will be conducting DNA tests on a skeleton exhumed from a bush in Central African Republic, where U.S.-aided Ugandan troops are hunting down Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army rebel fighters.

Ugandan military officials said last year they believed Okot Odhiambo had died in late 2013 after being wounded in an attack by African troops.

Ankunda said Monday a defector from the rebel group led Ugandan soldiers to a grave he said contained the body of Odhiambo, who once was Kony's deputy and was one of those indicted by the International Criminal Court.