TV anchor assumes Rep. Joaquin Castro is Cuban-American: ‘Well, I’m Mexican-American'

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He may share a last name with the Cuban president, but Joaquin Castro is certainly not Cuban.

But MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell seemed to make that faux pas recently when interviewing U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, (D-Texas) live in Panama City for the Summit of the Americas. The Texas lawmaker was forced to interrupt and correct her when she said he had a "Cuban-American background."

“Well, I’m Mexican-American,” Castro quickly interject.

Castro was chatting with Mitchell about Obama's historic meeting with Raul Castro. Castro did acknowledge he shared a last name with Raul and Fidel.

"But the same last name, yeah," he said.

The three U.S. Senators who are Latino – Marco Rubio of Florida, Bob Menendez of New Jersey and Ted Cruz of Texas – all hail from Cuba. Joaquin Castro, however, does not.

Mitchell seemed to try and correct herself after the flap.

“Mexican-American, but you understand the real divisions in the Hispanic and Latino communities about this,” she said.

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