Turkish police arrest suspected killer of Syrian journalists

Turkey's state news agency says that Turkish authorities have arrested and charged a suspected Islamic State group member with killing two Syrian journalists in Turkey in 2015.

Anadolu Agency said Monday that a Turkish court charged Muaz El Ahsin with murder for allegedly slitting the throats of Ibrahim Abdul-Qadir and Fares Hamadi. Both were journalists for the "Raqqa is being slaughtered silently" collective, a group publicizing atrocities in the Syrian city under IS rule.

Police detained Ahsin on Aug. 11 while he was trying to cross into Turkey illegally, according to Anadolu. A court later ordered him officially arrested on murder charges.

Anadolu said that Ahsin fled to Syria after the killings on Oct. 29, 2015. Anadolu said that police were still searching for other suspects.