Trial of German neo-Nazis accused in immigrant killings on hold

A high-profile murder trial involving an alleged German neo-Nazi has been put on hold after defense lawyers accused the presiding judge of bias.

Judge Manfred Goetzl said Monday that he would rule on defense motions that he should recuse himself by May 14.

Main defendant Beate Zschaepe is accused of murder for alleged complicity in the killing of eight Turks, a Greek and a policewoman between 2000 and 2007. If convicted, she faces life imprisonment.

Prosecutors say Zschaepe was part of a far-right gang that also carried out two bombings and 15 bank robberies. The other two core members of the self-styled National Socialist Underground are said to have died in an apparent murder-suicide in November 2011.

Four other men are on trial accused of helping the group.