Thousands of angry mourners bury Lebanese politician killed in car bomb

Angry mourners have chanted against Hezbollah as they buried a slain Lebanese politician who was critical of the Shiite militia.

The slogans at Sunday's funeral underscore growing sectarian tensions in Lebanon.

Mohammed Chatah was killed in a car bomb on Friday. His allies say Hezbollah is responsible for Chatah's killing, saying it resembled the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

A U.N.-backed tribunal investigating Hariri's killing has indicted five Hezbollah members for their alleged involvement in the assassination. The group rejects the accusations, and refuses to surrender the men.

Lebanon's Sunni-Shiite tensions have grown steadily worse since Syria's uprising began three years ago. Hezbollah has sent its fighters to shore up the forces of ruler Bashar Assad, while many Sunnis back rebels trying overthrow him.