The Latest: Thousands more migrants reach Slovenia, after 6,000 arrived on Monday

The latest news as migrants fleeing war or seeking a better life make their way across Europe by the tens of thousands. All times local.

9:15 a.m.

Soldiers and police, some on horseback, escorted some 2,000 migrants to an overcrowded reception center in Slovenia after arriving from Croatia in the middle of the night. Authorities say another thousand arrived Tuesday morning.

Wrapped in plastic raincoats and blankets, the migrants were walking toward a refugee camp in nearby Brezice. Later, they were expected to be distributed to other camps.

Croatia has been sending migrants to the border with Slovenia since Saturday, when Hungary blocked passage to migrants from Croatia with a border fence protected by razor wire, soldiers and police patrols.

Slovenia's government said 6,000 migrants, mostly women and children, arrived on Monday.