Thais mark 1 year since king's death with prayers, ceremony

Thais marked one year since the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej with formal ceremonies and acts of personal devotion before an elaborate five-day funeral later this month.

Formal ceremonies to commemorate Bhumibol were organized at Bangkok's Siriraj Hospital, where he died, and at Government House and the ornate royal palace.

But many ordinary people showed their respects on the streets, at neighborhood markets and temples, kneeling before orange-robed monks to perform a Buddhist merit-making ritual.

Many Thais were profoundly saddened by Bhumibol's death after a reign of 70 years. He was adored as symbol of stability in a nation frequently rocked by political turmoil.

The government has asked the public to observe moments of silence Friday at 3.52 p.m., the official time of Bhumibol's death.