A grand jury in Austin, Texas, has concluded that Officer Armando Perez will not face charges in the April 3 shooting death of 25-year-old Darrin Martin, KVUE reported.

According to the Austin ABC affiliate, a concierge at an Austin apartment witnessed Martin trying to break into cars. The concierge confronted Martin, who ran from the scene. The concierge called 911 and a pursued Martin a few blocks.

Officer Perez, a 9-year veteran of the Austin Police Department, came upon the pair struggling in a parking lot.

The officer's dash-cam shows the apartment worker stepping away as Perez approached. The officer attempted to handcuff Martin, but he pulled out a gun and shot Perez in the torso below his bullet-resistant vest.

Perez returned fire, killing Martin, who was declared dead at the scene.

The officer was treated at a hospital and recovered from his injuries.

Authorities were able to tie Martin to almost 30 burglaries in the area.

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