Three teenagers who had been missing in the South Pacific for 50 days and presumed dead have been found alive.

Samuel Perez and Filo Filo, both 15, and Edward Nasau, 14, were dehydrated, sunburned and very hungry when rescued after being spotted by a tuna boat, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The crew of the tuna boat saw them frantically waving for help Wednesday afternoon -- 800 miles from where they started. The three boys disappeared October 5 while attempting to row in their small aluminum boat between two islands in the New Zealand territory of Tokelau.

They were presumed dead after an extensive search involving the New Zealand air force. A memorial service attended by about 500 people was held last month on the boys' home island of Atafu.

The boys survived by drinking rainwater and eating a seagull that landed on their boat, according to the Telegraph. They had started to drink sea water because it hasn't rained in the past few nights.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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